The Best (And Worst) Times To Move In The USA

24 Jul

What Times of the Year Are Best to Move Your Family?

best time to moveWe all know that moves can be extremely stressful, whether they are a personal residential move or the complete relocation of a commercial business.  Therefore, when the time comes for you to plan a move, you want to do as much as possible to make the process go easily and smoothly.  Believe it or not, the time of year that you select for the move has a lot to do with how easy and costly the move will be.  This article details several different scenarios that should help you select the best time of year to move in the US, considering your personal needs.

What Are The Worst Times Of Year To Move?icy roads

  • DON’T Move in cold and snowy weather – If you live in the Northern parts of the country, you probably want to avoid making moves between November and February.  The snow on the ground makes transportation more risky all around, and it also can increase the length of time it takes to complete the move, because of weather conditions impacting travel and transport times.
  • DON’T Move in the summer, if comfort is your prime concern – Conversely, if you live in the South, or in an area of the country where the heat can get extreme, you may want to avoid a move in the high heat of summer, especially if you’re doing the work yourself.  You may also find that moves in the summer are more costly, for exactly the same reason.
  • DON’T Move around the Holidays – No matter where you live, moving around the holiday season usually isn’t a good idea.  Even if weather isn’t a concern, you’ll find that many moving companies have issues related to personnel during these periods, which means that you likely won’t be with their first-string teams, or may experience delays around this time of year.

What Are The Best Times Of Year To Move?

  • schools outDO Move when school is out – If your family has children, their schooling will likely be the prime concern, taking precedence over weather issues or costs.  So even if the June and July heat has you down, or you find yourself paying a premium, you likely will have to simply accept it, to work around your kids.
  • DO Move in the summer, if convenience is your prime concern – While I do recommend avoiding summer moves if comfort is your prime concern (especially living here in Arizona), the season has many other qualities to recommend it, if you are more concerned about convenience.  For one, the kids are usually out of school, as mentioned above.  Also, traveling conditions will likely be perfect, if a bit on the warm side.  Friends and family members will be more likely to have the time to help out and pitch in.
  • DO Move in the fall, if price is your prime concern – Much as you may end up paying a premium cost to move in the most popular time of the year, you can often get discounts by moving in the off-season, if price is what concerns you the most.  Fall is also a good time to move objects that can be damaged by extreme weather (this can happen in both extreme cold and extreme heat, making winter and summer more dangerous for these delicate objects).

Other Factors To Consider When Moving

So depending on your personal circumstances, you have several choices available in terms of when you decide to actually make your move.  If you have kids, you’ll likely have to move either over summer break or the Christmas holiday (usually summer moves are advisable in this case), but that may be more costly than usual, or more uncomfortable if you’re doing the work yourself.  Fall is best if you’re looking to get the move done as cheaply as possible, or if you have objects which are affected by extreme temperatures.  Winter is almost never the right choice, and should be avoided whenever possible, unless you have no other options.

moving in the winter

Moving Across Country Is No Cakewalk!

22 Feb across country

Are you looking to move across the country?  If so, then you don’t want to waste your money on some con artist claiming that he/she can move you across the country. Here are a few tips and some useful information to help you move across the country cheaply and efficiently.

Hiring Cross Country Movers

There are numerous packers and movers across USA whcross country movers o would help you in moving across the country. First things first though: investigate! You need to ask around about any cross country moving company that you are interested in hiring.  Ask your peers, friends,  or relatives about their moving experiences and if they used the same moving company.  Make sure to read online movers reviews about each company and check their reputation on the BBB. Always try to find out what their insurance coverage is like.

Get Multiple Cross Country Moving Quotes For The Cheapest Deals

Once you get your word of mouth feedback, go to their office directly and speak to the person in charge, in most cases you can differentiate between a genuine guy up for doing fair business and a con artist. Ask for a quote for the distance covered and for the estimated size and weight of your move. Compare the quote with quotes of other packing and moving companies.

Go here for the best place to compare up to 6 different cross country moving quotes for free!

It’s not necessary that cheap means good, so like I mentioned before, always look at their individual reputation.  Sending a few dollars extra is better than spending a whole lot of money and time trying to replace damaged or broken possessions from a incompetent moving company.  Ask each cross country moving company about their insurance policy for the goods being transported, and ask them what method of transport will be used by them. Some movers send their staff to your house and get the things packed, whereas others give you boxes for you to pack it all yourself. It’s purely your wish as to what you want to do. Bargain a little it might help you in moving across the country for a better price.

For some great tips to make your cross country move cheaper, click here!

Document Your Stuff For Proof Purposes!

Take pictures of all that you have packed and also make a separate list, So that if anything is missing you can easily find out what it is and file an insurance claim if absolutely necessary.

Rent A DIY Moving Truck:

moving across country

Various companies give out their trucks on rental which can be used you in moving across the country, you got to load all your things in that yourself and drive the vehicle yourself to your new destination. This works out to be a little cheaper than the professional movers option.   If you choose to move yourself across country, then make sure you can drive a large, heavy vehicle.  Also make sure that you are fit and alert enough for long hours of highway driving.

Try not to be penny wise dollar foolish. You will definitely have to take breaks while transporting your stuff.  Unless you’re on a crack binge, you’ll have to stop at a motel or a hotel on your journey. Calculate the costs of these hotels and motels ahead of time and plan your overnight stays. You don’t want to spend too much of money on these hotels/motels.  That would defeat the whole objective of moving across the country cheaply and efficiently.

Make sure the rental company is registered for carrying on this business and the vehicle has all its papers up to date. A problem many people have faced moving themselves long distances is that the vehicles were not well maintained and met with an accident.   This results in filing law suits against the truck rental company, and  lot  of time, energy, and money being spent behind the law suits.

Across Country Shipping Options:

  • The USPS too offers options in moving across the country. Boxes are provided, there is a weight allowed for each box and a price is charged for the same. Insurance is provided for these boxes too. As this is a government department, it can have its own cons such as slow speed.
  • Greyhound has some light and affordable across country shipping options, so check up with them about their size and weight limits.
  • Amtrak also has a great cross country shipping policy if you are moving light.  They are the most affordable and reliable cross country shipping option if you don’t have any electronics or furniture to move.  They have a max size limit of 150lbs, but if you are only moving some clothes and small possessions then this is a great, and affordable option.

Best Way To Move Across The Country

No matter how you slice it, moving across country is no cakewalk.  There are different factors such as price, size, time, and distance that go into every move.  I always recommend people to compare prices from cross country movers first, before making a final decision on your method of moving.  That way, you have a price range to base your budget on.  If you can afford hiring movers, that is always the safest and easiest way of moving across country.  Otherwise, just make sure to plan, pack, and prepare as much as possible and get ready for a long journey!

For more helpful information about moving across country, check out this great website with tons of tips and advice:

long distance moving truck

Safely Move Fragile Possessions & Furniture

3 Feb fragile items

fragile possessionsIf you are need to move fragile belongings, then you need to have a protection plan.  If you are planning on packing everything up last-minute with no real game plan, accidents can happen.  That is why you need to get prepared to safely pack up and move all of your fragile possessions and furniture.   This post by is great for explaining the best ways to move your stuff without scratching, denting, cracking, ripping, or breaking it during the transport.

The article covers the best and cheapest ways to ensure you have all of the boxes, padding, paper, and other moving supplies you’ll need to get to your new home with your furnishings in tact.  Give it a read here:


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